Knockout Games

I'm just a dude that loves writing code for

video games. Here are some:

- 2024 -
This is the year that something will appear
here... when it is announced...
- 2023 -
Beastieball (Misc. programming)
and something else, which I've said
previously, is large...
- 2022 -
Told you it was big...	
- 2021 -
Something big...
- 2020 -
Nothing I can tell you about...
- 2019 -
Braid, Anniversary Edition (Misc. programming)
- 2018 -
N++ (Kartridge/Linux/PS4/XB1)
Darkest Dungeon (Linux/XB1)
- 2017 -
Nidhogg 2 (PS4)
Tacoma (Mac/Linux)
Killing Floor 2 (Linux Server)
Tormentor❌Punisher (Win/Mac)
Flywrench (PS4)
More diapers?!
- 2016 -
The Witness (XB1)
Mighty No. 9 (Mac/Linux)
Super TIME Force Ultra (Mac/Linux)
Hyper Light Drifter (Misc. programming and PS4/XB1/Win/Mac/Linux porting)
Quadrilateral Cowboy (Win/Mac/Linux)
Sunless Sea (Linux)
- 2015 -
Xenonauts (Mac/Linux)
SOMA (Mac/Linux)
Shadow Warrior (Mac/Linux)
La-Mulana (Mac/Linux)
Super Splatters (Linux)
- 2014 -
Outland (Win/Mac/Linux)
Braid (Win/Mac/Linux)
Democracy 3 (iPad)
Hoard (Win/Mac/Linux)
- 2013 -
Changed some diapers...
- 2012 -
Snapshot (Win)

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